Artificial Intelligence Assistance, Promoting early Health Care Engagement


Developing Intelligent Early Healthcare Engagement

Developing Intelligent Early Healthcare Engagement

Developing Intelligent Early Healthcare Engagement Developing Intelligent Early Healthcare Engagement

Our Intelligent HealthCare services


Answering three questions you want to know when your not feeling well, what's wrong with me, how ill am I and and where can I get care? We put the information and answers at your fingertips with the most advanced symptom checker, triage and care director technologies available.  Engage on a personal level in your own words to describe your symptoms, no smart trees or drop down menus that force self diagnosis.

As a well vetted and trusted resource HealthGenie can provide and promote an avenue to early healthcare engagement. 

Available pricing includes PEPM\PMPM and contracted batch pricing. 

HealthGenie Plus

When HealthGenie indicates you can speak with a Tele-Health provider our Plus program provides that solution. With a very versatile connectivity platform we are able to offer traditional "Urgent Care:" services as well as multiple mental health counseling  services.

Do to our relationships in the Tele-Health industry customers may find they can purchase the HealthGenie Plus program at or below their current Tele-Health ONLY program cost.  

If you want to control and\or promote engagement the PLUS program is your answer.

Available pricing includes PEPM\PMPM and contracted batch pricing.

Hero Assist

Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMS, Veterans, ER personnel and many others are hit with a barrage of high stress instances daily.  The HERO ASSIST program puts a outlet to help and understanding at there finger tips. 

Packed with over 4,000 diagnosis with over 130 specific to mental health, "HERO ASSIST" becomes the, non-bias, non judgmental and private access to mental healthcare. We  provide a 24\7 mental health chatbot counselor for immediate use and live mental Tele-Health counselors for continuing care as needed.

HERO ASSIST removes the fear and stigma of mental health engagement and becomes the trusted resource for immediate care at the fingertip of our HERO'S.

 Available pricing includes PEPM\PMPM and batch pricing. 

HealthGenie's path to the consumer

Empowered with over 25 years of medical learning technologies, we are ready to assist the CONSUMER navigate healthcare engagement

Benefit Admins, TPA's, Sharing Org. & Insurance Carriers

 Providing benefits, managing and/or underwriting a healthcare risk?  HealthGenie is a effective choice!  

#1 Promoting early patient engagement

#2 Empowering the client or member with knowledge

#3 Recommending correct levels of care

#4 Providing direction to providers and quality of care ratings 

TeleHealth Providers

As Telehealth continues to grow as a leading healthcare option HealthGenie is poised to enhance and assist in the process.  Empower your consumer for better engagement with your platform and providers, HealthGenie can handle initial intake and triage while providing a real time summary report to your back end platform and provider. Our API capabilities make the interface options a breeze...


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